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So there we were, cruising along at the selected max speed of 60 on the single carriageway and nudged the lever up to 70 on the dual carriageway sections, and all was well.........

The Arona behaved impeccably, keeping the selected distance from the car in front, slow times and fast (and despite my foot hovering over the brake pedal no action on my part was needed)

But heres the fun bit.... roundabouts

So the traffic slows, so did the Arona
The car in front reaches the roundabout and the Arona keeps its distance
The car in front seeing all was clear accelerates onto the roundabout
I check that my way is also clear so don't take any action other than to steer and let the computer follow the speed of the car in front....


The car I'm following complies with normality and curves to the right, The arona has now lost straight line sight of the car in front so does what it thinks is propper and accelerates to resume the set speed of 70.

I'm a fair driver, but... lol

So there is a moral here :lol:
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