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The ACC on my Golf DSG when stopped it applies the brakes and I do not have to touch any pedals.
The car should start moving automatically after the car infront has passed the distance set be your the acc control.(most time it takes too long, to restart)
otherwise you should just be able to touch the resume button on the acc control stalk(On the Golf it is on the Steering wheel the acc controls), This is how I use it, as soon as the car in front starts to move, I touch the resume button, and the car does the rest.
Also Stop start also kick in if it is active and the car temperature etc is at normal.

With the DSG box the car will come to a complete stop in traffic.

Maybe make sure that the Auto-hold function is working, as this should apply the handbrake. (Thats how it works on my current Golf)
I am hoping that this will be the same on the Arona, as it is the same system from VW anyway.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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