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I recently took my Xcellence Lux in for warranty attention to the ACC which was not functioning at all. The car is not yet 3 months old.
I was advised that it 'must have had a knock' as the radar sensor was dislodged but it was fixed 'as a gesture of goodwill' NOT covered by warranty!
I went back to query this and was told that the unit is clipped into place by plastic clips. My clips were undamaged but one or more were dislodged.
It was agreed that any outside force would have broken the clips so it was possible that the clips may not have been 100% in place when new and driving on a bumpy road could have dislodged the sensor.
I asked that the report to Seat to indicate no accident damage, in case it jeopardised future warranty work on the ACC.
Be warned and maybe check that the sensor is seated correctly.
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