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Hi folks, Flying off to pick up our new Arosa TSI Excellence 1st Edition....(Demonstrator) tomorrow, and I'd like to learn if any owners experienced problems during the hand- over?

Perhaps they forgot something? Failed to check something...?

Are there any loose items related to the Beats system perhaps, or anything related to the Sat-Nav , which reminds me - are there any free updates available during the warranty period, and if so, how is this to be executed?

Your response is important to me as I've a ferry journey and a lot of miles to look forward to before I get get back home... And I don't want to find out that I've forgotten something.....there's no going back!

Did anyone manage to coerce the Showroom to hand over any free bees ?

Finally, are you pleased with your purchase... or are you becoming an Arona Moaned...?

Kind regards from the 'Newbery Boris.

Hi Boris,

Arosa?! This is an Arona board!

I am picking our Arona up on Friday.

These are the things I am going to check:

1) SD Card for satnav is present in one of the slots in the glovebox unit
2) Wheels and bodywork are in perfect condition
3) Panel gaps are even
4) Feel all carpets and check boot for signs of damp
5) All options / features are present
6) Fluids in engine bay
7) Test drive with the salesman:
7.1) There are no warning lights once car is running
7.2) Turn the air conditioning and radio system off and listen for any unusual sounds
7.2) The car drives in a straight line with no steering input
7.3) The car brakes in a straight line with no steering input
7.4) Horn works
7.5) Air Conditioning works
7.6) Satnav has a fix

Where are you flying from and driving to?!

HTH and good luck!

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