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Noting the pathetic note of the Arona car horn, and observing the E.U ruling that all car manufacturer horns must now sound the same pathetic squeak I've decided to obtain a more useful item similar to that on my Skoda Scout, a splendid rich sounding legal 2 tone affair.

I rarely use the horn, but I know that the Arona "Peep" would be absolutely useless at speed on a motorway if a situation arose...

I'm told by a pal in the motor trade that the new peepers have come about because of our Latin friends who use their car horns excessively, especially during the hours of darkness... And no, it's not been amended as an Mot requirement, here the requirement remains the same, but that of course may soon change.

This will not change for our Arab friends in most of the Middle East, who seem to drive with one foot on the horn, by day or night...

Has any Arona owner changed their horn I wonder... or perhaps yet to try out their horn?

(Approaching 5000 miles in "Her" car, and wil then be changing the oil & filter. A cracking little car and no complaints...yet)

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