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Hi guys,

Got my Arona recently. Love it. It was / is my first car from brand new. I was recently paying a lot of attention to the clutch trying to get a feel for it given I wasn't used to the car. I noticed a scratchy/grindy feeling (no sound) when the clutch is fully depressed and you're releasing it very slowly. It began to drive me nuts thinking something was wrong. As such, I got in my partners car and noticed the exact same thing (partners car is a 09 Mazda).


- press in the clutch and release it slowly with the engine off and in neutral (completely smooth)
- turn on engine and switch off start / stop
- press in clutch fully in neutral and release it very slowly (scratchy/grindy feeling)

Curious if this is normal for everyone? I'm quite new to cars, having passed my test only a year or so ago and so I'm like a paranoid parent with a new baby.

I have 1.0 tsi petrol 115 bhp
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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