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Dear community. As ill be picking up my fr within 6 weeks from now (specs :1.0 tsi manual, nevada white all the way, perf. Kit. Vision plus kit , sentinel kit, winter kit ordered mid of feb in Poland) . As this is my first brand new car, can anyone share with me a checklist on what should i look especially during the pickup paint job ? spec compliance ? What else ? Thanks for all the info you can pass on.Hopefully this will help others as well. Cheers ! P.

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Hi Sircyber, welcome to the forum
When picking up your new car, you are going to be excited to get in and get driving...
BUT try not to do this... it will be hard LOL.
If you go to the Seat website and owners section, download manuals, Maintenance. and download the service booklet.
at the start of the book is the information pages. and a little section here that has yes/no pick boxes.
this is what the dealer needs to hand over to you, so documentation, keys, etc. location and date to be filled out and a place for you to sign.
You can get the dealer to stamp this also. and you sign to say you have got these items.
before signing.
Full walk around the car, check no panel damage etc, it should be spotless really, under the bonnet, in the boot, if you are getting a spare, make sure its in the boot. check the interior, back seats as well as the front.
Get the dealer to go through any setup for phone and Navi etc, make sure it works before.
Once you are happy with the it all.. sign the documents and be on your way.

If anything is wrong and you are not happy, then you can reject the car, and demand the dealer sort out the issue.
Remember it is your money, not the dealers.

I picked up a new Merc from a dealer long time ago, and they put a present in the boot, which was a lovely bottle of wine in a presentation box.
Which was really nice.
But don't expect that sort of thing... that is rare.
last 2 new cars I got were VW, and I picked up from Wolfsburg VW factory. Alas SEAT don't do this, but it would have been a fun drive back.. :) Shame.
Dont worry about it. and enjoy getting your new car..
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