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I thought I would share my offers and order to give some idea to anyone considering purchasing.

I bought from Arnold Clark at my local branch. I also looked at CarWow and Broadspeed. The best offer from them was 18,858, from a dealer in Inverness.

I went to my local dealer in West Lothian on the off chance that they would be competitive but with no expectation that they would. I am glad I did.

After the test drive the salesman took me through a list of available new Seat Cars to see if any of them matched my requirements, presumably before I placed a new order. I presume the list contains cars that were part of a batch order for Seat dealers to have some spare stock.

As it happens, there were 5 Xcellences matching my needs, 3 black, 1 grey, 1 orange, if I recall correctly. I had wanted a standard black Xcellence 115PS, so he looked at the order stage they were at. I think it was stage 3, which meant they were "on the boat!". "I'll have a black one, please" I said, restrained by my daughter.

He said I might get it in a month. At this point I hadn't looked at the forum because I honestly hadn't intended to buy this soon. So I didn't realise that I had leap-frogged the long build times that some here have experienced.

So if you are considering an Arona and flexible on colour, say, make sure you get your salesman to show you the list.

This was the breakdown:
List Price Xcellence 21,040

* Arnold Clark Discount 1,045 (advertised price 19,995)
* Seat Discount 1,000
* Test Drive Discount 300

Net base price 18,695, Total Discount 2,345
Delivery Date Estimate 30th April

I asked why the test drive was not 500 and was told it was because my car was pre-ordered and on the boat, it was not technically new ordered by me. OK, I took him at his word. Now knowing the lead time, it is worth it to me, not to have to wait, just to get another 200 discount. Plus if I had waited some months for delivery, the trade-in price of my car would drop.

I also wanted the space saver wheel but again he could only sell it to me at the retail price not the 100 if ordered with the car. However I eventually got him to sell it to me for 100.
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