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Hi guys
Whilst visiting the dealership for a replacement high level brake light unit which had failed, I mentioned to the technician that I felt that the dsg box seemed to be changing up to quickly.

e.g I often find myself in gears 5/6 at 25mph and on a gradient the engine sounds laboured!
Having previously owned 1.2 tsi dsg Polo and Ibiza I don't recall noticing this.

I wondered if the 1.0 tsi engine causes this and the gearing is different to the old 1.2 tsi?

He told me that the box automatically changes up at 2000 revs, irrespective of road speed and this is due to
increased emissions rules plus fuel consumption targets.
He advised me to use the manual function if I felt it needed to be in a lower gear!
Given that after only 500 miles I am aware that the engine is still tight, should I see what it's like after it's run in?
Just curious if anyone else has noticed this 馃檪

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I find ours ok. It does get up the gears very early but haven't found it a problem on hills. However it's the same gearbox as our last Skoda so maybe just used to it. I tend to drive it in sport mode when out of town which keeps it revving and holds the gears for longer plus I also use the flappy paddles a fair bit when driving on country roads

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Hi Pops,
It's all very well the dealer telling you to use the manual function if not happy. You didn't purchase a DSG box to use it in manual all the time,
It's just a cop-out on their behalf.

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Hi Pops
Which model Arona do you have?

Only the FR/FR Sport/Excellence Lux models have these driver selectable profiles

If you have the driver profiles, are you in ECO Mode?
As this will change up very quickly and maintain the higher gear for as long as possible even uphill. My Golf does this if i put it in ECO MODE.
as the Gear change is effected on the DSG box.
In the dash display it will tell you which mode you are in.
It will display the Letter and Number. see below.
ECO MODE = E(x) Where(x) is the Gear Number

Suggest you use Normal or Sport, or a combination in the Individual settings.

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Hi Gazza, thanks for that.
I don't have the features you mention, mine is the 1.0 115PS technology dsg and just has the sport or manual option.
I'm not sure as yet, if it's me trying to compare my previous 1.2 dsg cars with the new 1.0 engine and expecting the same!
Also, until it's loosened up a bit and perhaps I'm not allowing for that!
Only done 600 miles!
But, as silverhairs points out, the dealer telling me to use manual to compensate isn't addressing the issue!
If indeed it is an issue or is that how it is?
Will persevere for a bit and if I still think it's possibly a fault I will go back to the dealer.

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Hi Pops,
I just took delivery of a SE Tech DSG with the 1 litre 115bhp, done about 300 miles so far. It does change up early and often gets to 7th gear at 30mph.

I wondered if yours has changed as the engine loosened up? I use Sport mode on the gearbox (not driving modes as someone else referred to which aren't available on my spec), to hold the car in lower gears and the engine sounds a lot happier.

Overall this great little engine has an amazing amount of pull for the size and feels reassuringly powerful in most situations, but it does concern me a bit that it seems to be labouring in some circumstances. I hope its not harming the engine?
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