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Just thought I would share the issue I had for the last 4 days which caused me quite a bit of grief

I was driving on the motorway Thursday last week when a bit of plastic flew off a car in front colliding with the front bumper of my car straight away the error came up saying sensor impaired when I stopped I looked at the sensor all seemed fine gave it a quick clean but still had the error.

When I got home I took a better look at it and if u look through the grille it was hanging by a cable behind the case it sits in. I managed to just about fit my fingers through the gaps and push this in it seems to be put the top bit in first as theres a ridge on the top of it hard to explain cos I couldn't get right into it and take pictures. But if you get this error after a bump just put it back in needs a bit of pressure to put it back in.

I have had no errors since picking up car distances as normal again no need for alignment.

Just incase anyone else gets this as it frustrated the life out of me having this error on 24/7 and not able to turn it off
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