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From page 150 of the Owners Manual. (freely downloadable from SEAT)

● When the interval wipe function is on, the
intervals are directly proportional to the
speed. This way, the higher the vehicle speed
the shorter the intervals.
● If you stop the vehicle with the windscreen
wiper in position 1 or 2, it will automatically
change to a lower position speed. The set
speed will be resumed when the vehicle pulls
● The windscreen will be wiped again after
approximately five seconds once the "automatic
wash/wipe system" has been activated,
provided the vehicle is moving (drip function).
If you activate the wipers less than 3
seconds after the drip function, a new wash
sequence will begin without performing the
last wipe. For the "drip" function to work
again, you have to turn the ignition off and
then on again.
● Do not put stickers on the windscreen in
front of the rain sensor*. This may cause sensor
disruption or faults.
● Depending on the version of the model,
when you engage reverse gear and with the
headlight wiper activated, this can start a

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I find this happens a lot on VAG cars. I don't know what the correct answer is but as a valeter I move around loads of cars and find that VAG cars often won't activate the wipers when manovering at low speeds. Very annoying when I've just washed a car on the wash bay but can't see when taking it to the Valeting bay as the wipers won't work.
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