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I bought my Arona in 03-2019
First dealervisit... in 30000km or 2 years longlife service
So I did , @ 29000 km.
This month the dash stated : inspection service within 30 days....
Inspection is not the same as a 30000km service. I know now.

I asked What they will be inspecting....
Answer : Battery, brakes, brake fluit (dot4) renewal, tires, exhaust, lights, window wipers, cooling system.

All those things I know how to check myself.
I already replaced the window wipers (myself) for BOSCH
So I declined this inspection service.
I started last week with the check, changing the wintertires for summer Continentals in 17 inch.
they are almost new..with 7mm left.
Checked the brakes, cleaned them, and put them back together again with some copper grease.
Today I checked the airfilter and sparkplugs...they are in perfect state.
Just have to test the brakefluit...and I guess replace it... costs : € 5,- max and an hour work.
Not in a hundred years I'll go to the dealer to let them do this work... for € 229

Even my air filter was almost clean, that will last for another 40000km , just like the sparkplugs.
I just had a problem with the steel clamps that are used for the inlet airtubes.

Automotive lighting Automotive tire Automotive design Rim Font

Warrenty ?? yes, I still have one year to go... and when I can proof maitainance was done by their guidelines.. the car will still be within this 4 years warrenty.
Next year...they will see me again for the longlife oilservice, and the first MOT (APK overhere)
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