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Although I no longer have it I did 4000 miles and I would agree with the above plus a couple of others
Why can't the mirrors just fold when you lock the car. Everytime I had to hold the button the mirrors would eventually fold and then the indicators would flash again turning off the alarm. Also when you unlock the car it would be better if the mirrors stayed folded until ignition was turned on as you end up going through the folding mirror fiasco again.
I was never keen on the heated rear window tabs being so exposed as they seemed as if they could easily be caught.
The front arch extensions coming away. I had one replaced under warranty and I noticed the other side was starting to come away at leading edge.
No form of any cup holder for their rear passengers which I didn't think was an issue till family holiday, then I realised why I paid for seat protection :eek: , I did buy a disable table from vw that connects to the headrest which helps this problem.
But on the positives, the 1.5 is a cracking engine with great real work economy, the gearbox is smooth and the handling is great although I found the electronic dampers too hard for our roads in sport.
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