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Well I get mine tomorrow afternoon, and has the kessy system so see if the mirror automatically close on locking, as they do on my Golf.
As for the Start stop, on my current golf it does not cut out the engine until fully stopped.
I don't mind the start stop, if in a traffic jam and your inching, best to switch it off anyway. but if just at lights, then its fine.
Get used to it, I find a little blip of the throttle wakes the engine and then your ready to press a bit harder and get away.
if the Start stop kicks in too early, may adjust the voltage a bit allow it to stop before it cuts out. up another 1volt maybe should do it.
See how I get on from tomorrow.
At least I got the Original Alcantara and Leather specs on mine. Look out for if someone can do a retro fit of the Virtual cockpit.
Also plan to fit sound deadening and sound isolation all round the car, so the acoustics will be improved along with a more hushed ride.
I will report and take photos once I start on the sound deadening. and will use a DB meter to see what the improvements are as I go.
Bit of a longer term project so will be done is stages.
1st. Bonnet and boot area.
2nd. Doors front and rear.
3rd. Under floor front and rear
4th. Roof (which I will look to get a professional installer to do this) as roof lining has to come out.
and whilst the roof lining out, see if they can fit rear passenger lights. (just an after thought)..
We will see.
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