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Hi all,

So don't get me wrong, I love this car! It was worth the painfully long wait to get it. I didn't make this thread to bash it in any way I just thought I'd highlight some minor issues I have with it after my first 1500 miles. They are all minor, no deal breakers by any means, in my opinion anyway.

Arona Xcellence Lux DSG - Monsoon Grey/Midnight Black roof.

• Halogen fog lights - Why? Full LED headlights but then they stick halogen fog lights in, which also means the cornering function is disabled because of the different coloured light they both emit. Obviously it's a way to cut costs but seems silly to me.
• No grab handles or hooks above the doors
• No rear interior lights
• Keyless start button on wrong side
• No way to permanently turn off start/stop. I find it way too eager on the DSG box, it cuts the engine before you've even fully stopped, not good at roundabouts where you need to pull away quickly. At least in a manual you can control it as only comes on in neutral.
• No icon on the dials to indicate headlights are on. Would be helpful as the headlight control is tucked away a bit so the light on there isn't that visible.
• Black and white info screen between the dials. Don't understand why this isn't the colour one they use in the Ateca, especially on the Xcellence Lux.
• No digital cockpit off the bat, it annoys me a bit they've added this only 9 months into production. I would have liked a digital cockpit!
• No wireless CarPlay. Although I appreciate almost no cars offer this for some reason.
• Small wing mirrors. I find the field of view isn't great, I could see the kerb quite easily in my old car when parking, can't really in the Arona unless I move the mirror every time.
• No shark fin antenna
• Rear windows not tinted
• No electronic handbrake. This doesn't actually really bother me but a lot of cars of the same spec would have this.

I know that's quite a long list! But like I said none are deal breakers, I was aware of most these before I purchased the car. Just would have been quite nice to have and for top of the range model would have thought most would be included. I do love the car and really enjoy driving it.

Feel free anyone else to add things on!
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