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New map version, same procedure

1st: Download the 15Gb version here : Default Title Choose T-Rock
2nd : Unzip this in a separate folder on your PC/Laptop
3rd : Make a backup copy from your original Seat SD card !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on your laptop
4th : Delete all the files on the SD card (unlock the card first)
5th : You will notice the new unzipped download will not fit on the SD card
6th : open the unzipped folder, find the location /maps/00/sds
7th : delete all languages you will not need, just leave folder GB and file meta_info.db
8th: now it will fit... copy the complete map to the empty SD card
9th : find the file overall.NDS in your backup , copy file from location EEC\EEC_WLD
10th on the SD card : overwrite .NDS file in the same location you found it in your backup

Your done, version 1810 (even without Seat mapcare )
1 - 5 of 5 Posts