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Had to wait 4 months for it but there's now an FR 1.5 EVO sitting on the drive; looks nice in red with the black roof. Actually it's not really mine - it's a company car, but I spent ages deciding what to get; it wasn't chosen for me. Would probably have gone for an Xcellence with its extra kit rather than FR if Seat sold one with the 1.5 engine; I reckon they're missing out on some sales there.

It replaces an A3 1.4 150ps Sport, which served us very well over the previous 3 years, and we're hoping the Arona will be as good. Yes, it's a bit more cheap and cheerful, but initial impressions are favourable; I do like the higher driver position, even if it doesn't stay quite as flat in the corners. Drives very nicely, and quietly; I don't think the new 1.5 feels quite as perky as the 1.4, but it is still very good, and might need a bit of running in.

And it's nice to have the bells and whistles that were missing from the A3 like satnav & Andoid Auto, LEDs, parking sensor. I'm gradually working out how to use the infotainment system... :)

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