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Hello All,
A bit of background as to why I'm on this forum.
A friend of mine for 20 years is our local Seat dealer, he told me the middle of last year that the Ateca was coming out when we was talking about changing the wife's car.
We travelled to a dealer in Calais to see one, and the wife liked the Ateca. I ordered one on our return and it arrived on Christmas day for her.
Now I want to change my car but we don't need another large SUV, so I'm interested in the Arona, so much so I'm off to the Frankfurt motor show in September.
If it's half as good as the pictures make out, I'll be ordering one on the 3rd October when the UK order books open.
My perfect Arona would be
A red with a black roof.
SE Tech
Possibly the 1.6TDI for economy as I about 60 miles a day to and from work.

One question I do have, does anyone know how wide the Arona is, including or not the wing mirrors. I've used the Ibiza as a guage to see it it will fit in the garage, but as the Arona is longer and taller I'm wondering if it will be wider.


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Welcome to the forum Alan,
I don't have the technical details yet but as soon as I do I will let you know. I think using the Ibiza as a guide is a good idea as it should be similar in size to the Arona.
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