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Hi all

So I´m a new owner of a fully Silver one 1.0 tsi 115 made by nuestros hermanos - our brothers that´s how we name our side country neighbors (PT here). Have no pics yet but there´s nothing particular on the outside, it´s just the Style trim (your SE in the uk I guess)

Didn´t order it - found that process too painful so I took the chance and bought a 1900km as new which according to vin tracking was build this late august (week 35?), september licensed and got in my hands like one month later.

Had to live with the chosen colors and equipment, although its kinda curious because the choice lies somewhere between your uk SE tech trim with a few addons while missing others, meaning Style trim but they call it "Style Plus" here ...:

- dark (not chrome) inners
- 17" rims (= to the 16") + hankook ventus prime 3/205-50-17
- spring pack incl. climatronic + folding heated rvm + etc
- basic cruise control + limiter
- darken rear windows
- rear park pilot (only)
- 8" nav + full link, no wifi
- 16" spare wheel

All and all although a bit plasticky it feels solid and regardless of not having the drive profiles the default comfort spring setting is just perfect for our roads here, stiff enough for the twisties but forgiving while in town.
No beats sound upgrade but I like the fact that (buried inside the sound options) you can set the sound focus to the driver (or to both) meaning if you are riding alone the sound is heightened to your ears and centered mid console which is great for overall listening pleasure.

As for mileage well I find it neither great nor terrible. 40-44 inner city, 45 b roads and 48-50 highway that is if I really try not to put my foot down (avg 80 points in ecosaver screen).

Ordered a set of Heko wind deflectors and I am curious to see if it will affect a lot the perceived wind noise when closed.
Anyone installed this ?

greetings from south Lisbon
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