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X-Lux 1.0 115hp:

Replaced really nice Yeti 1.6TDi Elegance Outdoor:

So far, so good. 600 miles win the clock, no issues at all, which is the important bit!

Economy: Driven gently with bits of thrashing here and there, overall about 44mpg, but driven gently on a run about 50mpg. No surprises there (Despite Skoda averaging 50mpg, the price difference between Petrol and Diesel wipes out all but £40 of the difference!)

Performance: Now while the Arona with 115bhp doesn't feel anything like an 'Old money' VW Golf GTi Mk II, it does go well enough, but more importantly is very very refined, other than a bit of roads noise due to the fat low profile tyres. Wind noise seems subdued on mine, unlike other road test vehicles. It runs out of puff at higher revs, as Turbo engines do, but with 6 speeds, grab another gear and the acceleration continues.

At 100mph, it's doing just over 3000rpm, so is very high geared, very little engine noise, and around town almost 'electric' it's so eerily silent!

Ride comfort is fine, similar to softer Yeti, but better controlled despite sportier tyres and suspension. Handling is way better than perfectly respectable Yeti, perhaps not in pure ability, but the car just feels really stable when pushed around roundabouts and tighter bends. One;y really on damp roads does it begin to understeer, but no problems apparent at all.

Space: Smaller than Yeti, but very close, albeit the Arona feels wider inside, and therefore narrowly wins, although a tape measure may say otherwise! The boot isn't quite as versatile, but then again messing around removing seats isn't my cup of tea, so it's a draw in terms of luggage space despite the Skoda probably having the ultimate edge for people who like that stuff...

Equipment: OK, X-Lux top end, Skoda Elegance was not quite, but ignoring the Nav and electronic 'tat' (Arona) and Heated Leather (Yeti) the Arona still comes out very slightly ahead due to Adaptive cruise, DAB radio (Superb!) Superior Stop/Start and funky dashboard. The LED headlights are better than the Bi-Xenons too.

Looks: I liked the Yeti, but concede it looks a bit 'Special' where the Arona is ultra modern, especially in the chosen Duracell colours, and in style terms is the difference between a wheelchair and a speedboat. Nevertheless, the Yeti was a very very good package and a fully loaded Laurin and Klement in the right colour would give me a boner...

So, happy with the car, the engine (might chip it though) and trim levels. Still amazed by refinement, intrigued by features, and impressed with the general drive.
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