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Well I've had a message pop up randomly over the past few months in my 2018 DSG about leaving the vehicle in position P even though its already in P.

Speedometer Odometer White Tachometer Light

As it also has narcolepsy coming to junctions or traffic (before coming to a total stop it'll start/stop activate leaving the steering heavy and engine off when slowing down), I thought I'd get it back to the garage I bought it from and see if the warranty (non manufacturer) would assist.

As it happens, the fault is a gear selector switch and its booked in for the end of August. Would have done sooner but the garage's singular master tech is on paternity leave and he/she is the only one who can do it. I'm not too fussed how true that is. Told its a 2.5/3 hour job.

Covered under warranty so we'll see :ROFLMAO:
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