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We placed an order for an Arona FR a couple of weeks ago. Not got a build week yet, but getting quite excited. We also placed an order for an Ateca Xcellence at the same time!

Looking forward to a brace of Spanish cars on our driveway, hopefully in the not-too-distant future.

What are order times like for the Arona at the moment?

Anyway, hi all!


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The delivery time on the FR depends upon which engine/gearbox you have ordered.
Probably looking at 4-6 months, unless your dealer can convert one in stock.

However factory is running a few Saturday shifts this Spring so might help clear some of the backlog. The Arona orders have been more popular for some variants than factory expected.

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We went for the 115TSI manual FR in red with a black roof... They quoted 10-12 weeks so 4-6 months isn't good news!
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