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Another new review posted up by AutoCar.


The Arona impressed us more than most of its new and established rivals when we first drove it and, between the Ibiza, Ateca and Leon, its maker is also on a bit of a roll at present.

This is a smart, svelte and sporty-looking car that does without the bluff grille and squared-off wheel arches that you'll find on certain rivals, and it succeeds very well in a visual sense - both as a crossover hatchback and as a contemporary Seat.

It's unlikely most owners will peddle the Arona with real enthusiasm on a frequent basis, but the car nevertheless does a lot of things right in the handling department.

Its spring and damper rates are remarkably well judged for UK tarmac, and at typical A-road and B-road speeds, the ride is effortlessly composed and refined for such a small car.

That Seat's hard-edged design language - now a common sight on UK roads - translates so fluently onto this car's unusual proportions completes a package that goes straight to the top of an ever-growing class. No rival balances practicality and panache quite like it.
Read the full review here:
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