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A large Seat SUV could be launched at the turn of the decade, according to the firm's UK boss Richard Harrison.


Such a car was previewed by the Seat 20V20 concept car last year, but at the time it was described as a concept to inform the styling of the Seat Ateca.

However Harrison says that Seat's anticipated growth curve, driven by the SUV launches and a refreshed Seat Ibiza before the turn of the decade, will open up new opportunities for the brand.

"There's a healthy debate going on as to where we go next," said Harrison. "Today we sell cars that cover 52% of the market, by the end of 2017 that will be 80% - that's a great foundation from which to look where we go next.

"The large SUV is interesting. When we saw the concept we all went, 'we want want of those to sell!' But on reflection, it will push us up to a price point that is currently unfamiliar for our customers. We have to earn the right to sell cars there, and that is not where our centre of gravity is now. In time, though, I'd love to see it."
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