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2020 Arona 1.0 TSI 115 SE Technology [EZ] 5dr DSG 1l Automatic
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ARONA - 1.0 TSI 115 SE Technology [EZ] 5dr DSG 1l Automatic (2018 variant)

Hi, Having already followed Lampie's Sat Nav SD Card updates without any previous issues this time I just could not get it to work - Navigation Database Unavailable. After a long time of toing and froing I found the solution for me on the Cupra Forum (my thanks to them). It may help others with the same problem.

On the infotainment go to settings, safely remove, sd1 card.
Whilst the system on is long press on the on / off to reboot it a couple of times - I had to reboot twice before it worked for me.
Whilst infotainment is off insert card into slot 1
Power on and go to navigation - BOOM - 1910 update finally available

Delete destinations - What a ruddy palaver ! Nothing in the useless manual about this as far as I could see. The solution I finally found is below. It worked for me on my system. Hardware H50 - Software 0514. Might help someone.

My Destinations
Destinations Memory
Long press the arrow on the right
Let go
Bottom left it says Edit
Press on that
The option for delete appears
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