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Uncletone. Be very careful with this, pot luck as to whether it will work, you could end up voiding your warranty and cause a whole load of pain with your engine management system/electrics. My mate used a performance chip on his 2 year old VW Golf. It worked initially then completely mullered it. Tried to claim on warranty, Dealership/VW found him out, on board computer apparently logs such things and he ended up having to fork out £3000+ to sort his issues. :shock:

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Hi Guys

Just to let you know Testing is already in progress and I've covered just over 1000 miles on motorways dual carriageways, town & city driving.

I have the RS Version giving approx 24 bhp and 40 Nm of Torque at a cost of £199.00. No Phone App Control though.

Thanks to Wall Watcher for his concerns, and I understand where he is coming from there are a lot of ....shall we say "not so good" tuning boxes out there, but I did my homework and reviewed a lot before taking this on test. The company, German and very reputable, gives you a guarantee against engine damage etc etc. a 30 day money back guarantee, so in theory all should be good.

Yes, it can void your warranty, but whilst THIS IS GOOD in initial testing it can be removed very easily before servicing, it is undetectable by the Dealers Scanning Kit and best of all my insurance company have not requested a penny more as the increase in power is negligible.

For the uninitiated, this unit sits between the Turbo Boost Pressure Sensor and the MAP Sensor. I will attach photos shortly. Basically it boosts the electronic signal from the cars Computer and releases more power approx 24 bhp, but more significantly a dollop of torque where you want it between 1500 -4000 rpm . It will pull all the way to the Red Line but there is no need.

I'll report on how the car drives any positives (of which there are a lot) some negatives (one big one in particular and one small one) fuel consumption data and was it value for money.

I'll send a full report next week when I should have completed approx 2000 miles with it and I'll add photos show you what comes in the box how easy it is too install (very) and where to make the connections etc etc.

Lets just say at this time that if this was my £199.00 I would be pleased with my purchase I would like to say that I would be envious of those Forum Members with the 115 bhp motor as the benefits would be even greater

see link below to web site.

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OK then, so after nearly 2000 miles with the box in use what are my conclusions and driving impressions.

Firstly I have to say that I am very impressed with the product overhaul, it's well packaged, comes with all the instructions and bits and pieces such as cable ties, blanking plug, screwdriver to adjust the settings, the engine warranty and is well manufactured.


Is it worth the money, well in my opinion, yes it is.

Does it provide more power and torque, yes it does and it is certainly noticeable

Is it easy to install , this should take the average home mechanic no more than 20 mins to make the connections and tidy up the cabling

Setting the box up initially. From the manufacturer the box comes set at the standard No 4 Setting on the box (6 in total) and from experience this is the base line with two more power increases available.
They request you use this to begin with and the instructions require you to allow the engine to cool down open the bonnet and close all the doors and lock the car. Wait 10 mins as this allows all the electrical current consumers to switch themselves off. If you have Keyless Go you must ensure the Fob is at least 10mtrs away from the car.

OK find the two sensors one for the Turbo Boost and one for the MAP Sensor down on the intake manifold



You then need to disconnect the two sensors, look at the supplied cable to determine how they unclip using a small flat bladed screwdriver. Connect one the plugs on the "A" cable to the unclipped plug and the other one to the sensor. Do exactly the same to the MAP Sensor using the two connectors on the "B" Cable the Main Cable supplied. This one is a little fiddly but doable.

Plug the Race Chip box tie the cables up.It might be worth spending a little time before you make the connections where you want to route the main cable. I loosely tied mine around the back of the engine for testing purposes.




Once connected you can then start the engine and just check for any funny noises or check lights. To be honest due to the low power tune on setting No 4 this is very unlikely.

On No 4 the performance improvements are small. There is some noticeable improvement from 3000 rpm on over half throttle but by turning the Setting up to No 5 this where the improvements start. From around 2500 rpm the engine comes on strong and the pull on anything over one third throttle is starting to be noticed and then on No 6 the top setting the power comes in from just below 2000 rpm.

And believe me it is noticeable on No 5 and more so on No 6.

Floor the throttle in 5th gear from around 2000 rpm and the Motor takes on a different personality all the way to the Red Line. In normal driving all the benefits are in the 1500 - 4000 rpm range. Suffice to say you cannot help but grinning and think if only it was like this from the factory.

The Box says on No 6 you should be getting 24 bhp and 40 nmts of torque.

I cannot verify the amount of bhp, obviously there is an increase, but its the actually way the motor pulls in normal driving that is excellent and where this Box is at its best. Overtaking is down only one gear or just floor the throttle. It becomes easy less stressful and above everything else enjoyable.
In theory this 95 bhp engine is developing more power than the 115 bhp engine. This box on that engine, that would be something else.

Any issues, none what so ever during the test, fuel consumption hasn't really increased, but then it hasn't decreased over the test either. Because the car averages 750-1000 miles a week on all types of roads, including motorways dual carriageways, around town, the computer gives a reading after 4 weeks of 45-47 mpg and after two weeks that reading has hardly changed.

The insurance company certainly need notifying and ours hasn't suffered any increase in premiums. The box will obviously invalidate your warranty, but dealers today, certainly in our experience and we've run Tuning Boxes on quite a few different cars including my personal Maserati, they tend to just turn a blind eye to it.

You can disconnect the box and insert the blanking plug or just remove the entire cables etc etc. making the installation discreet and I'm told from the Manufactuary of the Box the dealer cannot detect that anything has been done.

The only issue I have is the Race Box is a big as your hand,not very discreet.

Is it worth the £199.00 most definitely, it brings a delight to the driving experience, the increase,even in normal day to day driving, means you are constantly watching the speedo and you find that changing down to get a move on is a thing of the past.
Now to the top of the range Box, Is it worth another £150.00 I don't know for another 5 bhp. For me this is the box of choice and gets a big tick from me.
Don't forget the techno - geeks out there can have an "app" for another £50 to do the map changing from within the cabin. I didn't have that facility in this test but to be honest I wouldn't have paid for it anyway. Others may want that but it doesn't provide any further enjoyment.

Next week I have the privilege of another box which can provide the extra 5 bhp over this box for the same money and at £150.00 at the time of writing gives you the same power as this box for £50 less.

Watch this space

If you don't like it you have 30 days to send it back for a full refund, somehow I don't think that will happen

Any comments let me know

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Great review, love the pics and instructions!

I'm tempted by one of these for my 115, only slight worry is, while your 95 is now making 115hp, the engine and drivetrain can cope fine, but it's certainly going to have an effect at 130-135hp, although as you suggested in a previous post it's only going to be delivering that sort of power on rare occasions in normal use on public roads, as it's quite a brisk car already!

Really appreciate your hard work :D

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Hi Elevensies,

Thank you for your comments. I understand where you are coming from ref Power Increase, but if my memory serves me right this is the engine used at present in the VW Up GTi, Seat Ibiza FR etc etc. To get to 115bhp they used bigger injectors and a slightly bigger turbo and VW will no doubt be looking to use this elsewhere in the range with no doubt more power.

Race Chips actually provide this box for the 115 bhp engine with an increase of 15 bhp so they are obviously keeping the power down slightly and on the top of the range they only tune it for 20 bhp but it comes with a load of torque.

I think this gearbox and drive train are the same used in the Golf so there shouldn't be any issues there if that's the case.

Don't forget they give you a written guarantee against and engine related issues when using teh box, which is a lot more than other tuning companies do.

For me its not the power it;s the torque that you get from it. On a Dual Carriageway we use regularly there are a couple of Long Inclines and before in Cruise it would lose up to 5 mph by the time we reached the top NOW it holds 70 mph easily in fact it will actually accelerate ,

It's an amazing piece of kit and one of the best mods you can buy for your car.

And next week I'm testing another one with more power or as much as Race Chips top model (25 bhp) and £50 cheaper.
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