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Hi does anyone know the nose weight of the arona. Looking to use it for a bike carrier and upto 4 bikes.When I eventually get it

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Here is the info from the Owners manual

Trailer mode
Trailer weights
The trailer weights and drawbar loads approved
are selected in intensive trials according
to precisely defined criteria. The approved
trailer weights are valid for vehicles in
the EU for maximum speeds of 80 km/h (50
mph) (in certain circumstances up to 100
km/h (62 mph)). The figures may be different
in other countries. All data in the official vehicle
documentation takes precedence over
these data at all times

Drawbar loads
The maximum permitted drawbar load on the
ball coupling of the towing bracket must not
exceed 55 kg.
In the interest of road safety, we recommend
that you always tow approaching the maximum
drawbar load. The response of the trailer
on the road will be poor, if the drawbar
load is too small.
If the maximum permissible drawbar load
cannot be met (e.g. with small, empty and
light-weight single axle trailers or tandem
axle trailers with a wheelbase of less than 1
metre), a minimum of 4% of the actual trailer
weight is legally required for the drawbar
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