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I'm looking for VS 50800 OW20 spec engine lubricant to use as a top-up, so far without success...
I don't really want to pay dealership prices but I guess that I may have to; my other cars are TDI and I've never had a problem....there again it's been years since we've owned a petrol engine.

Any other TSI owner had the same problem....?


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I use Castrol Edge synthetic to VW 504 .00 viscosity 5W30. This was supplied with a previous Skoda. Skoda dealers used to use Castrol Edge Professional which was the same but supplied in bulk.

I think I might have used a maximum of 0.25 of a litre in 4000 miles.

Just Google the grade you want to use, 504 is a offered by more suppliers than 508.

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From the Manual:
Engine oil specifications
Service interval Engine type Specification:
Petrol engines with Set Service Intervals (dependent on time/distance travelled)
1.0l / 1.0l CNG / 1.5l VW 504 00
1.0l / 1.6l VW 502 00a

Petrol engines with Flexible Service Intervals (LongLife)
1.0l / 1.5l VW 508 00 VW 504 00b

Diesel engines with Set Service and Flexible Service Intervalsc)
With particulate filter (DPF) VW 507 00

a) If the quality of the fuel available in the country does not fulfil the EN 228 (for petrol) and EN 590 (for diesel) standards.
b) Use of engine oil compliant with the VW 504 00 specification instead of VW 508 00 may have a slight negative effect on the vehicle's exhaust gas values.
c) Only use recommended oils, otherwise you may damage the engine.

Is anyone on a Long Life Service? as I was told by the Dealer that all Arona's are on the fixed 10000 mile service.
unless other countries are getting the long life service and we are not?
Which would not surprise me with SEAT.
I like the Car, but SEAT as a company, I would not use again.
but in 3-4 years I would be looking to go over to Electric anyway, Prices should have come down, and Charging network should be better.
OK Optimistic 10 years. :)
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