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Hi Guys

Some of you may remember my test of the "Race Chips" tuning box for my car in February

Well I've recently I've had on test one of the Synergy 5 - 3 cyl VAG petrol Tuning Modules from "Tuning Diesels ,com." I've now covered just over 1800 miles enjoyable miles with no hiccups, engine lights silly noises from the engine etc in all modes.
To begin with let me say I've dealt with Ron from Tuning Diesels for years now, and bought a couple of boxes off him for Peugeot/Citroen/Ford Diesels and always had great results and great service.
First off the box I had on test is a development box, and the electronics etc were set up inside one their Diesel Boxes for testing purposes only, so the new ones come in a completely new, easy to use module see link below.

Tuning Diesels Website for the Synergy 5 Tuning Box click below

Firstly it arrived in plain packaging, nothing as extravagant as the Race Chips Packaging but don't let that put you off, less packaging more of the product at a cheaper's as easy to install as the Race Chip box with the advantage of being a lot smaller. It comes already made up and with all the relevant cable tie instructions



Installation is as easy as the Race Chips Module. First open the bonnet close all the windows and doors and lock the car. Don't open the doors again until you have completed the installation so make sure you have everything you need to hand. You need to go and make a coffee and return in 10-15 mins, this allows all the relevant electrical circuits to shut down before you can go about disconnecting anything.

Locate the two sensors on the engine




Disconnect them by pressing the tang and prising the connector off each sensor. If you aren't sure take a look at one of the connectors on the Tuning Box to see how they work. They can be a little awkward to get off the first time but stick at it, once you've done one its easy to do.

Connect the cables from the Tuning box



[ATTACH type="full" alt="DSCN6512.JPG

Its then just a matter of tying up the cables using the cable ties provided.



Whats it like to drive with. Ron told me that the top four settings on the box gave power increases from Low, Med, High & Bonkers.

As per the Race Chips I started off with the No 7 (Medium) setting and once the engine had warmed up on tickover for 5-10 mins I took it out on the road. I noticed an immediate difference from the standard car, its response to the accelerator was immediate and there was a difference in torque from the outset, This bode well for the next two settings.
Returning back home I lifted the bonnet and switched off and after a couple of minutes as instructed I turned the knob to the No 8 (High) setting and set off again.
There was a noticeable increase in performance the engine intake noise takes on a meatier note and from above 1200 rpm on half throttle the torque is quite strong, in fact at this point I would say that the performance delivery is as good as the Race Chip Box on its highest setting and I still had one more setting to go. !!!
Back home I tried the final setting, No 9 (Bonkers Mode). This time the delivery of torque came in a little higher noticeably around the 1500 - 1800 rpm range with a certain amount of ferocity.

Over the next 1800 miles I ran between No 8 & No 9 settings. I have taken the engine to the red line on several occasions accelerating through the gears to see if if any engine lights appeared, I'm happy to say that none appeared. I believe that the engine mapping will recognise if there is too much over boost and is likely to put the car in limp home mode to protect the engine and trigger a light on the dash.

Noticeably in the Highest Setting on the Box No 9 Bonkers Mode, the response to the accelerator is instant to such a degree it is difficult to maintain a steady 30 - 40 mph as you are constantly on and off the pedal, so strong is the torque. Talking to Ron this setting is equivalent to the Race Chips GTS Box giving approx 29 bhp and 48 Nm of torque all in one box and for, as far as I can see, half the cost. The power in No 9 starts a bit higher and the engine pulls to the red line very quickly.

Personally I've settled on the No 8 (High) setting for my daily driving and I never cease to have a grin on my face. I prefer in day to day driving to operate between 1500 - 4500 rpm and in No 8 (High) it delivers all I want.As before, going up hills now, it just pulls and pulls and will actually accelerate above the 70 mph speed limit if you are not careful. Overtaking on the road is a lot safer. Where as before you had to really think about and possibly change down a gear, now you just floor it and Roar form that little 3 cylinder engine is intoxicating.
Driving around town is a doddle no more gear changes up and down the box one third travel on the accelerator and away it goes. This is as it should have been.
Don't get me wrong it won't shred tyres, but if the surface is a little greasy and you're pulling out of a junction and are a little heavy on the pedal it will light up the tyres and the ESP Light.

Fuel Consumption over the Test period,all on standard 95 RON fuel, there was very little difference. Insurance premiums, as before no increase for me, just notify your insurance company and away you go.
Engine Warranty, always a sticky subject, my car went in for its 36000 mile service yesterday to my local dealer and I left it on the car. The only comment I got was, "the guys tell me that's a handy piece of kit you've got under there its better than the 115bhp engines"
That's not to say if anything happens they won't take the stance of "you've been messing and that box has caused the problems so were not paying out"

Is the box a good investment for those wanting a bit more go from their car and the benefits of a safer driving environment then its a BIG YES from me.

Visit the website from the link and I believe that if you mention you are from the Forum Ron is giving a 15% or if you ask nicely a 20% discount. Don't be put off by the less than professional appearance, the money is in the Tuning Box not the packaging.

I can recommend this Tuning Box very highly its as good as or even better that the Race Chip Box for less money and with Bonkers Mode for teh Boy racers

I will say that during the last 12 months of ownership with the car I have changed the oil regularly, every 9000 miles instead of waiting for the 18000 mile service and I use the following petrol additive for these Direct Injection Engines

and also this in the engine oil

I appreciate this will raise some eyebrows and comments but it works for me and I've used these products and others from Powerenhancer, with great success over many years in all sorts of vehicles and had excellent results.

The car has now covered 37k miles in just over 13 months performed faultlessly and with this new Synergy 5 Tuning Box I expect it to perform just as well for the next 12 months.

Hope this has been of some help and I know that some of you out there with the 115 bhp engines, may have some concerns about increasing the power outputs even higher. I understand that the clutch and 6 speed box is used in the 4 cylinder 150 bhp VAG Engines so should be able to cope with normal driving.
You can always turn the Box Down if you are concerned, but why would you. Also the engine will let you know if you've exceeded what VAG consider to be safe limits.

Enjoy, and that Link to the Tuning Diesel Website again is

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Yes, I read your last report, but this looks like the box I'll go for!

Thanks again for yet another superb review...
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