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So finally after 7 months of waiting my Arona 1.5 FR Sport has finally turned up.

Have to say that it's been the worst experience I've ever had of buying a new car but after a rocky start at the dealership and a complaint letter to Richard Harrison (the CEO of Seat UK) things did get better. From then on I had regular updates from the dealership manager and Tara from Seat on the progress of my car and have been driving round for free in my replacement car since May ( VW Tiguan).

I did get a really good deal on the price when I initially ordered it so was reluctant to cancel and go elsewhere. I've managed to get a free spare wheel, arm rest and paint protection thrown in plus a cheque for 拢250 goodwill (see this has now dropped to 拢200) so my advice is haggle as there is always a deal to be had and do a check on carwow as this gives you more bargaining power.

So far after driving around for about 20 miles I have to say that I love the car and am glad I went for the 1.5 engine. It has good acceleration, better than the Leon 1.4 I took for a test drive to get an idea of the engine.

I test drove the Arona with a 1.0 95bhp engine and it just wasn't quick enough for me as was very sluggish when accelerating, but then I am a bit of a speed demon 馃榿

Will I ever buy another car from VW Audi group again, time will tell.

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Congrats. I had a similar deal, But I did not want the paint protection, as it is not great. I had it on my Golf, and it did nothing.
Was better to get it polished and a proper ceramic coating.
This one of the things on the list to do for mine.
When the weather is not quiet so hot, I can get out and over a weekend get it coated.
115 TSI is great little engine, pulls well but then I got the speed demon out on a track not on the roads. (Rallying and Motorbike Racing)
as for the digital dash, give a 6 months or so and someone will be doing a retro fit for it.
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