Vehicle Customisations using OBDII

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Vehicle Customisations using OBDII

Post by ALEXRSMITH » Tue Jan 21, 2020 3:44 pm

Afternoon all,

Just thought I’d post a little something on here to let you all know how you can successfully make modifications to your vehicles systems to customise its behaviour to your own tastes.

For example, one change to the ECU meant even though I have the Full LED headlights I was able to enable the cornering light function from the fog lights when you turn the steering wheel in either direction.

Other modifications include muting the annoying beep you get from the car if you open the drivers door with the ignition on and also adding an acoustic confirmation of your doors locking and unlocking via the key.

If you’re interested, I was able to do this using the “Carista” OBD tool which allows you to make safe, fully reversible vehicle customisations, view service status, and check for faults. A lot of the options you can enable are hidden by default from us, but you can use the app to view them and making your arona behave how you want - all of which is completely safe and is easy to do, simply selecting yes or no by each option.

The price fluctuates I believe but I paid £15.99 for the adaptor from amazon and then you get one month free premium which renews at £34 yearly (one of the most competitively priced tools of this type that I’ve found.)

I’m not endorsed by Carista in any way but it has meant I can do some really cool things to my Arona so just thought I’d share.

Thanks and happy motoring! 🚙

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Re: Vehicle Customisations using OBDII

Post by poogiesdad » Mon Mar 23, 2020 8:13 pm

Hi all the carista is great value and works well

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Re: Vehicle Customisations using OBDII

Post by AidanTM » Wed Mar 25, 2020 10:46 am

Hi, can this be used to turn on the WLAN feature in the UK?

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