WLAN connection

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WLAN connection

Post by Uginu » Sun Feb 09, 2020 9:02 am

This might be a stupid question but what are the benefits of having this feature switched on? I managed to connect my Aronas WLAN by switching on my mobile hotspot as this is the only way of giving the infotainment system internet. Passengers in the car can connect via WIFI by entering the ssid and password I configured in the infotainment system. Due to the fact that my mobile hotspot is switched on passengers don't really need the Aronas WLAN as they can connect directly to my mobile phone hotspot. Apart from the seat app which is basically useless I don't see any other added benefits to this. Android auto or mirror link still need a USB connection to work also making the wireless charging pad useless as charging is done automatically via USB cable. Anything I am missing something here?
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Re: WLAN connection

Post by jayemm » Fri Apr 23, 2021 5:07 pm

I agree. I don't understand why it is that car manufacturers cannot grasp the fundamentals of IT ergonomics. Connect is utterly unintelligable, and provides no meaningful value. OK it's free, but after a year they want you to pay for it. This is self-delusion on a major scale. Just use you mobile hotspot and you have everything you need, except, perhaps remote monitoring of door locks etc. Why anyone would pay for that is beyond me. My merceds has a similar feature called Mercedes me which seem to offer no discernable user value at all. As for the SEAT APP, they want you to enter a password everytime you use it? Well, if you use strong passwords (as I ddo) that makes it useless at the first hurdle.

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Re: WLAN connection

Post by phup » Fri Apr 23, 2021 5:36 pm

Mine does not ask a password each time (running on iOS). Also been able to integrate seat connect to home assistant só the house can monitor the car status.
Car hotspot makes sense if you subscribe an annual 25 GB plan (80€) to provide internet in the car in case you have a Dashcam with remote access.

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