Ride comfort and quality opinions

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Ride comfort and quality opinions

Post by SUV Kel » Thu Mar 18, 2021 7:34 am

Hi all after some advice/opinions - let me explain.....

I recently purchased my first SUV, being a Mokka X 2019 model. I am really struggling to get used to the ride which I find very uncomfortable around town. It is really bumpy and gittery and even the smallest pothole or bump in the road sends a shudder through the cabin! I have had it inspected and suspension, tyre pressure etc is all fine (well tyre pressure was reduced but made little difference).

I have only had it 3 months but I am seriously thinking of cutting my losses and selling it and buy another SUV or reverting back to a decent sized hatchback. The Arona was a model I was considerin before I purchased the Mokka, but it didn't seem as good value for money on a 'like for like' spec offered (but might be a far better ride though!?)

What is the drive like on the Arona (looking at models 2017 upwards automatic)? My concern is that this type of bumpy ride is a character of the SUV and I may just end up with the same issue. If it's not - and the Arona is worth considering any recommendations on models/trim? I mainly do urban town driving, no more than 5,000 miles per year.

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Re: Ride comfort and quality opinions

Post by Snowdaddy » Thu Mar 18, 2021 10:50 am

The Arona is a comfortable car to sit in (in front seats), although my teenage daughter has sometimes said the back feels quite dark and isn’t so great.

Mine has standard suspension, (but I can’t comment on the FR and FR Sport trims as these have stiffer sports suspension, which I haven’t tried).

The choice of wheels and tyres make huge difference to ride, mine has the 18 inch wheels with summer tyres, good on motorways etc, but can be big jiggly on poor rutted tarmac on local roads. The 18 inch are all flashy looks, the smaller wheels are more comfortable. With 1 litre engine and DSG don’t need such low profile tyres.

I discovered the Pirelli P7 summer tyres (which it came with) are hard and awful in cold weather, so now run a winter set of wheels 16 inch with 205/60 tyres. These have much deeper sidewalls (although outer circumference is virtually identical) and ride brilliantly in the colder months.

Before you lose lots of money on the Mokka, have a look at what size wheels and tyres you have currently. If you can buy smaller rims and softer tyres you might solve lot of your rough riding (but won’t fix everything). Any tyre marked Sport or Eco tends to be firm (and hard, almost rigid in cold weather). Even switching tyres to a softer all season tyre on existing rims will help

Unfortunately in UK the 16inch wheel is not fitted as standard to Arona (it is in many European countries), so not going to find one with 16 inch, but might be worth ordering a set with premium all season tyres (which stay soft in winter) and selling on the bigger wheels. That will provide a much softer ride if you have delicate bones and value comfort more than sharp high speed cornering.

I find the car is more cosseting with the 16inch wheels and the handling (in everyday driving) is still good. Even if it wouldn’t be sharpest on a racetrack.
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Re: Ride comfort and quality opinions

Post by SUV Kel » Thu Mar 18, 2021 12:05 pm

Thanks Snowdaddy - some useful advice. The tyres are 17 inch continental eco so I might take it to a local garage and get a quote on fitting smaller alloys and a more softer tyre. Whilst still money that might need spending, I have already lost around 3.5k on the price of the Mokka if I was to trade in against another SUV - so it's a bitter pill to swallow.

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Re: Ride comfort and quality opinions

Post by Mordey » Thu Mar 18, 2021 12:14 pm

I know exactly what you mean about the Mokka as i test drove one before buying the Arona. The steering on the mokka has no feedback, its like driving on ice. Within the first half mile decided it wasn't to be. Handed it over to the wife and she didn't feel safe driving it.
When jumping in the Arona it was like night and day.
We brought the FR Sport as previous cars were sport types, Civic type R etc so used to firm suspension.
I'd suggest once showrooms are open book yourself a test drive.
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Re: Ride comfort and quality opinions

Post by phup » Fri Mar 26, 2021 12:21 am

Lumbar adjustment would be really a nice addition to make the FR seats more comfortable. That would be my comment concerning the comfort.
While riding you need the setup to be in sport as eco and normal makes the steering having less feedback.

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