Arona Dealer Details

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Arona Dealer Details

Post by alandl » Tue Oct 10, 2017 12:03 pm

Attached are 8 pages that dealers have received regarding the Arona.
It has various bits blanked out but its still quite informative.

New way of ordering a car
Standard models - SE, SE Tech, FR, FR Sport & Xcellence
2 new First Edition models using 1 lt engines
OFO - Open for Order dates against models and engines
Launch weekend 17th Nov to 19th Nov

Arona Dealer 1.jpg

Arona Dealer 2.jpg

Arona Dealer 3.jpg

Arona Dealer 4.jpg

Arona Dealer 5.jpg

Arona Dealer 6.jpg

Arona Dealer 7.jpg

Arona Dealer 8.jpg

Arona FR, Desire Red with Black roof, and spare wheel

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Re: Arona Dealer Details

Post by Golfhacker56 » Mon Oct 30, 2017 9:18 pm

Thanks for the details

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