15 Months & 45239 miles Brake Check

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15 Months & 45239 miles Brake Check

Post by Uncletone » Wed Sep 11, 2019 4:24 pm

At the beginning of October I'll be travelling down through France for a couple of weeks. So I thought it might be a good opportunity to take up the offer of my Local Dealer for a free Brake Check.

I noticed when I replaced my original Hancook Tyres at 42300 miles that the pads and discs were a tad worn nothing serious but hey if its free I'll have some that besides you get free coffee and biscuits.

The disappointing thing was the Tech came back and said that "there is 22 mm on the Front Pads & 10 mm on the Rear Shoes", " when were they last replaced?" "They've never been replaced they are Factory Fit" the poor lad just shook his head and walked away. When the Service Receptionist came out to me, he said the Tech was saying in the Workshop that he'd thought I was pulling his leg he's never heard of any VW/SEAT/Audi Skoda Pads and Discs doing that mileage and still be only virtually half worn.

So it looks like these cars are showing that they can be cheap to maintain. At this rate, the car will go back in less than 12 months with 70k on the clock and possibly still on the original discs, pads and brake shoes.

Anybody on the Forum had any experience of Long Life Brakes.

The previous car we had was a Peugeot 2008 2015 model and in 82k miles, and I've just checked the records and that Peugeot munched its way through a set of pads AND Discs on avg every 20k miles.

I am pleasantly surprised by it's overall performance and reliability, apart from servicing covered by the Dealer at 18k mile intervals and then intermediate servicing by myself every 9k miles (oil & filter change) its had no issues apart from the Seat Belt recall and Booster removal it has been faultless.

I changed the Air Filter and Cabin Filter myself at 36k after the dealer said it wasn't in the schedule and yet when I took them they were clogged that much it was difficult seeing a torch light through them.

Other items of worthy mention, I swopped the skinny steering wheel recently for a FR Version sourced from a scrapyard in Ireland for £65 including P&P. Far better to drive with.

What else, I modified the SEAT Armrest with a couple of little support pillars so I could actually rest my arm on it when on the Motorway etc oh and I nearly forgot I fitted this little tuning Box from Ron at https://www.tuning-diesels.co.uk/

You can read my review of it here https://www.aronaforums.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=893&p=6835#p6835

This was installed around the 37k mile mark and 8k miles later its still performing extremely well in spite of the all the "prophets of doom" on here who said "they expected my clutch and gearbox to melt". Well guys I'm sorry to say, the proof is in the pudding. Its still going strong, no clutch slip, no crunching of gears, no oil leaks, no vibrations.

This little box, for around £150.00 has transformed the driving experience, and blows the socks off the 115 bhp models..... How do I know, well a work colleague of mine was impressed after a brief drive in mine, so, in the interests of scientific data collecting, used a private road we know to do a rolling start from 5 mph side by side and accelerating changing gear at the Red Line,it hit 60 mph from 5 mph (No Launch Control here) in around 6-7 secs, 0-60 should be around 8-8.5 secs Its noteworthy in approx half a mile he was at least 4-5 car lengths behind , the Car, a SEAT Ibiza FR 115 bhp with a six speed box. He was thoroughly cheesed off, we did do a couple of runs and the results were basically the same.

We installed on his car a "Race Chip Box" I had bought previously see my report here https://www.aronaforums.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=739&p=5672#p5672.

Installation was quick but the problem was the box was designed for the 95 bhp engine not the 115 bhp one and when he cranked it up to the max setting,the engine did a "hissy fit" refusing to tick over correctly. Knocking it back a notch all returned to normal and one happy bunny As far as I'm aware all is well. He's in Spain at the moment so no doubt I'll get an update on his return. Just bear in mind if you are looking to buy one of these for your car,check with the website, they offer different versions for different engines.

So come on guys what sort of mileages are we putting on these simple yet extremely likeable vehicles. and are we experiencing any issues
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