Arona 1.6 Diesel 95hp Fuel efficiency!

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Arona 1.6 Diesel 95hp Fuel efficiency!

Post by emilioscy » Fri Sep 13, 2019 11:53 am

Good evening guys! New in the forum, picked up my Arona Xcellence around 10 days ago (1.6 Diesel, 95hp)! I just wanted to ask you about the fuel efficiency, because this specific engine was advertised a lot as really economical, but it turns out to be that is not really after all! I have around 650 km on the clock and it does not seem really efficient! Will it get batter over time? Thanks in advance!
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Re: Arona 1.6 Diesel 95hp Fuel efficiency!

Post by Snowdaddy » Fri Sep 13, 2019 12:26 pm

All new cars have tight engines initially,
can take 3000 miles (5000 Km) during which it gradually gets better

I have the petrol, but was about 12% worse in its early days.
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Re: Arona 1.6 Diesel 95hp Fuel efficiency!

Post by Cyberbob » Fri Sep 13, 2019 5:01 pm

I have the 115 1.6 diesel and in heavy traffic is will drop to low 40's, longer run at a steady 40-70 I have seen 65-70mpg. Once, I even hit 80 mpg at a steady 40-50 over 10 miles.

There is a step up in economy past the 5000 mile mark and as Snowdaddy stated past the 3000 mile mark.

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Re: Arona 1.6 Diesel 95hp Fuel efficiency!

Post by DomesticExtremist » Sat Sep 14, 2019 8:27 pm

"Will it get better over time" - emphatically. yes. It takes 1500-2000 miles for it to really develop true diesel torque.
I keep my dash display set to instantaneous fuel consumption so I have quite a good handle on what improves mileage.
MPG depends very much on how you drive it, heavy acceleration and braking will drag you down below 50 MPG easily even on the motorway or in hilly country. Gentler driving gives much better MPG.
50-60 mph is the sweet spot, so gentle pootling along wider country roads, especially when going down hill and you can get 70MPG.
OTOH, the high sides makes it sensitive to wind, so on a windy day it may hinder or help, depending on which way you are going.
A good run on the motorway you should get high 50s or low 60s.
Use the turbo - unlike my previous diesel which had no turbo, it would pull and accelerate from low revs in high gear quite well. In the Arona, this doesn't happen (at least not when new) and you are better accelerating harder for a short while then easing back - this approach seems to give better mileage and performance than a slow chug up to higher speeds.
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