Removing the rear spoiler

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Removing the rear spoiler

Post by alexo » Sat Sep 14, 2019 3:30 pm

Has anyone had any success with removing the rear spoiler of their Arona?

Mine was ripped off by a car wash and the plastic that split from the spoiler remains on the car and I want to remove it. My hope is to purchase another and fit it as I doubt the existing one is repairable (please correct me on that one!).

SEAT want to charge me just below £700 so want to see if I can do it cheaper than that.

The large company that own the car wash is denying all responsibility, I'm looking into that separately.

I've attached an image of just after the spoiler was ripped off incase you are interested. It was being held on by the cables for the rear brake light which have since been disconnected.

Any help is appreciated.


Ripped off rear spoiler

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Re: Removing the rear spoiler

Post by BigFatPaulie » Fri Nov 08, 2019 8:06 pm

You enter into a contract when you hand your money over for the car wash. Any terms and conditions you see at that time form the basis of your contract. If the company displayed a reasonable exclusion clause before you go into the car wash, then they might not be liable to compensate. They would not be responsible for damage to your car if you did not follow operating instructions properly.

If you followed instructions carefully, and the car wash malfunctioned, they would be liable to pay you compensation for breaching their legal duty of care.

Also be aware that the removal of a factory fitted light will invalidate your mot, and thus your car insurance...
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