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Front Assist

Post by Uncletone » Sun Jun 03, 2018 2:14 pm

Hi Guys

Is anybody having any issues or inconsistency with the operation of their Front Assist.

Over the last 100 miles or so if you are coming up behind a vehicle and shall we saying getting a little close you get the the little graphic in the dash highlighting the fact.

If you don't back off and get a tad closer, I'm only slowing by lifting off the pedal here, and I'm not braking, the little graphic disappears altogether. !!!

Now I've been stupid enough to try and get that close so I can see what mileage the car in front has done in an attempt to see if this system will work. In the end I bottled out and totally backed off.

In another instance the car in front was braking to turn left off the main road down a side street, he slowed and I pulled out and crossed the white lines to avoid him. Without really slowing down, as I passed his off side rear quarter the the thing lit up like a xmas tree and slammed the brakes on.

After I had opened the window to let the smell out, I pulled over and checked the handbook and the settings. The system was set in medium alert but it doesn't appear to be consistent in the way it works.

Running a Diagnostic thro the OBD Port I found no codes or anything impending.

Has anybody else found any discrepancy. I wouldn't for one minute advocate we rely on this during normal driving but I don't want to be a guinea pig either and drive up to a parked car and see if it stops.

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Re: Front Assist

Post by Dolphinfriendly1012 » Sun Jun 03, 2018 3:45 pm

I have had varied results also with this system. As you say some days it's seems like it what's to go all kamikaze and not bother and other days it stamp on the brakes if the wind is blowing in the wrong direction, it can be quite embarrassing as you screech to a halt and everyone looks in your direction. I have also found that keep.left bollards at you leave roundabout can cause it to activate. I have found that the sensor gets dirty, earlier in the year the salt scum and more recently larger dead flies seem to affect the radars operation.
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Re: Front Assist

Post by GazzaB » Fri Jul 13, 2018 7:02 pm

I get the same issue on my Golf, I never think it actually gonna work.
and other times it jumps in early alarm sounding and big symbol in the dash and the brakes on full..
So its not just the Arona, its a VW group thing from the look of it.
think depends on throttle position and other factors as well and the radar.
I know on the new golf they move the sensor up into the grill near the badge, stops it getting as dirty and gives the radar in a better position.
as they found that the lower position can comprise the accuracy.
No doubt in future version they will move the sensors and radar positions.
its still being developed and getting better, and will continue to get better, as we will have self driving cars in the not too distant future.
I may even still be here when the change happens.
We will all end up in utopian cities, all joy joy happy like Demolition man. But more likely Mega City hell holes as in Judge Dredd. :)
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