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Post by Lakomee » Sat Aug 04, 2018 7:36 pm

I took delivery of my NEW ARONA on Tuesday 31 July.
I think it's a GREAT little car and I'm enjoying it as well.
I ordered it on the 17 April so it's just over 3 months from ordering and delivery.
So I recon that's not too bad considering!!!

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Re: My NEW ARONA!!!!

Post by GazzaB » Sun Aug 05, 2018 12:11 pm

Welcome to the forum.
Glad you are enjoying the car.
Be great to see some pictures.
Arona Excellence Lux 1.0TSi 115PS DSG. Nevada White with Black Roof, OEM dark window tint, Fitted a Carbon Fibre look rear Bumper Guard. Pressed Metal Number plates with Carbon fibre plate holder.
Planning to Do: Sound Deadening.

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Re: My NEW ARONA!!!!

Post by Arona62 » Fri Aug 10, 2018 10:30 am

It took 5 months, but whatever action the Stoneacre Doncaster dealership took, it was worth the wait, as I took delivery (and I never thought it would happen), of the Arona 1.5 EVO FR (150bhp petrol) two weeks ago, in red/black roof, and it is indeed a very nice car to drive.

Many of the test reports mentioned a 'booming' from the otherwise quiet engine, when travelling at motorway speeds, but I have not experienced any of this. The engine has been quiet at all times, with little noise intrusion into the cabin.

The Arona replaced a BMW 2 Series coupe diesel (we needed four doors hence the change), and to be fair, the performance is about the same, and I always felt the BMW was a quick car, which speaks well for the fuel change back to a more family orientated petrol car. It looks nice and after being a new car delivery driver for a number of years, for all manufacturers, I am not easily impressed. But this car... well, short term impressions so far are very positive.

From the outset the dealership let me have an extended test drive in a 1.0 Arona, then an Ibiza with the 1.5 engine for comparison as 1.5 Arona's were rarer than hens teeth, before borrowing for a week the 1.6 diesel Arona demonstrator... but the 1.5 petrol engine beats the other engines hands down. I have not 'extended' the engine yet (I am old school and have always 'run-in'engines and varying revs), but we completed a round trip 400 mile journey to Great Yarmouth/Lowestoft last week and averaged 53.8mpg going out, in mixed heavy, stationary traffic, and 70mph (2,500 revs) motorway speeds, and achieved 52.2mpg coming back. I reckon that is pretty good... Based on my experience with other new cars, then once the engine 'loosens' up, that figure is likely to improve slightly if needs be.

So if anyone is interested in my initial (early) impressions, the wait is definitely worth persevering with. It is frustrating having to wait, and there are other rival cars out there that might sway you, but after driving them all, not forgetting striking a good deal with the dealership, try to hold on a little longer for the car. So far, in my experience, it has definitely been worth the wait and I have no regrets.

As for why the Arona entered my radar in the first place, blame TV drama advertising. It obviously works!

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