Seat Arona Excellence Lux - still no car HELP!

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Seat Arona Excellence Lux - still no car HELP!

Post by Ellie1234 » Mon Aug 06, 2018 9:19 am

Hello All,
I ordered and paid my deposit for the Arona 31/03/2018. I was told that i would receive this item at some point in June (at latest 31st June). Since then i haven't heard anything, i spoke with my friend who is in the seat business and he has confirmed the recalls etc, but claimed that people who have recently ordered an Arona will be receiving some sort of compensation for the troubles caused has anyone received a call from them? or is anyone in the same position as me? i have been given various different build dates etc with the last person telling me the car would start to be built 10th September. I have now been told by a higher manager that there is NOT a build date and they cannot give me any update on when the start date of building will be. Is anyone in the same boat?
thank you :)

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Re: Seat Arona Excellence Lux - still no car HELP!

Post by Snowdaddy » Mon Aug 06, 2018 1:04 pm


There doesn’t seem to be anything rational, I ordered a few days after you, same story, initial estimate 3-4 months, then the late April spec changes announced. Then early May was told you can keep spec, but will be delayed to Oct-Nov.

Suddenly I got email (two weeks ago) that car was built, in UK and expected at dealer end of last week. No idea how it got built, shipped to UK and dealer didn’t know. Feels like they are being quietly built and only allocated later.

Information is very poor, however until I physically see it, (arrival at dealers was just as I was going away on holiday), I won’t believe it has finally arrived. I think someone on here said they are pushing the delayed Xcelence Lux through before the factory summer break 6-26 Aug as those built after get the digital dash.

Hopefully yours will also arrive soon, even if your dealer also doesn’t expect it yet.
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Re: Seat Arona Excellence Lux - still no car HELP!

Post by Ellie1234 » Mon Aug 06, 2018 1:56 pm

i havent been given any information up until last week when i had to email the customer service team to ask what was going on and why hadnt i recieved a call!
was you given any compensation? apparently some people have!
thank you for that information though! what is a digital dash?

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Re: Seat Arona Excellence Lux - still no car HELP!

Post by Aly74. C » Mon Aug 06, 2018 5:38 pm

I order my arona excellence lux in feb/18,was expecting it at the end of may, got a call from volkwagaon apologising, telling me it would be the end of June possibly July. I called my dealer & he told me I knew more than him,he had nothing on the system, although he heard that no arona ordered in February would be ready till October.
A week later received another call from volkwagaon apologising saying it would now be week 30 (September ) and offering me either £200 cheque or a £250 voucher that could be used for seat accessories, would be available when I collect the car (whenever that shall be). As I hadn't heard anything more from seat or my dealer, today 6/8/18,I contacted seat customerservice they said that the building week would likely be week 41. Called dealer he said the new info he had was don't expect anything until January :shock: of course I could cancel, but I've waited this long and REALLY want the arona hopefully it will be worth the wait. II've read &heard lots of reasons for the delays ;emissions, having to share parts with volkwagaon, audi, but all of that makes no difference to me having to wait. Apparently seat are overwhelmed by the volume of orders. But the Spanish never could be rushed. (Factory isclosed for 3 weeks during August (summer shutdown ). Personally, I'm going to stick it out and of i get it sooner than what I've been told :D . If I were you I'd call seat uk (but I'm taking what they say with a pinch of salt). Good luck

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Re: Seat Arona Excellence Lux - still no car HELP!

Post by GazzaB » Mon Aug 06, 2018 9:34 pm

I ordered my Lux DSG on 17th Feb.
and picked it up on 21st July. and I have Already done over 600 miles in it. and the fuel economy is getting better.
You need to ring your dealer ask them to give you the Order number if not already done, and ring seat CC with the order number and ask for an update. My Dealer was pretty good.
Seat CC rang me to tell me it had shipped, and the Dealer rang told me it was in the UK and a rough date, and confirmed a week later that it had been delivered. the next day I when to check the spec was correct. and being all OK gave the go ahead to prep it, and I picked it up a week later at the date I wanted.
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Re: Seat Arona Excellence Lux - still no car HELP!

Post by BlueBoy68 » Tue Sep 18, 2018 1:11 pm

I was told in mid-August that I might have to wait to mid-late October or beyond. So I said give me the September trade in price on my old car and that way I will know that you'll be looking hard for a car for me. Hey presto I got mine for 1st September. I think there was a bit of luck involved. I wasn't that fussy about colour but as it happened I got exactly the one I wanted
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Re: Seat Arona Excellence Lux - still no car HELP!

Post by alliefoz » Mon Nov 12, 2018 1:53 am

Ordered mine at the end of February due to collect at the start of June (on Motability), actually collecting it on November 13th!

Contact from the dealer/manuf was dire until a few weeks before it was due to get built then I got calls from Customer Service who offered compensation, as already mentioned. I was initially told the cheque would be available to collect with the car but the last call from them said it wouldn't be until a few weeks after, through the post....hmmm
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