Foot brake on FR Sport

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Foot brake on FR Sport

Post by 123rosieo » Tue Aug 07, 2018 11:29 am

Noticing that when I put my foot on the brake to come to a stop, ie. in slow traffic or a junction and wait without the handbrake on, the foot pedal suddenly sinks down slightly. Does anyone know if this is normal, or to do with the start/stop thing? Not sure if it's a fault with the brake pressure or something technical the I've not come across before. Finding it a bit unnerving. My first new car.

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Re: Foot brake on FR Sport

Post by GazzaB » Wed Aug 08, 2018 6:56 pm

If the start stop cuts in then the without the Engine running the pressure is reduced.
as the pressure system is run off the engine its self. so the brake master cylinder has less pressure to keep the brake on, and it is then down to your foot to keep the applied pressure in the hydraulic system.
Also note that the Air-con pump is also belt driven from the engine that is why it cuts out as well, also the steering pump is also belt driven and the steering weights up massively when the stop cuts in.
I find that the start stop doers cut in a little too quickly.
I think the start stop voltage could be adjusted via VCD, to cut in a little later so you have to time actually stop the car.
When I was in Devon last week on Holiday, I found coming up to some of the junctions which are at an angle, because the engine cut out made it dangerous as you couldn't turn the wheel so the car was out of position to the junction, and having to apply a lot more foot pressure to safely stop.

So this really under a safety aspect should be adjusted.
This cut in so Early is so the engine can achieve the CO rating, and the expense of safety. A lot more cars will be doing this in the near future so not just the VAG group. because emissions are getting tighter and the manufacturers are trying everything to achieve targets.

It is a sad fact, that Safety is one of the last priorities for 99% of Car Manufacturers, and is also very low on the wish list of 90% of the people buying the cars. We seem to value Speed, and entertainment gadgets(can I get my WhatsApp or SMS Messages etc) over any safety device, so the Car Manufacturers play to what the consumer really wants.

We spend less on quality tyres then we do in the PUB, or on TV's and Gadgets. But the one thing keeping you on the Road and out of the trees or the morgue is that Rubber band. So shows how much we really value our lives.
I always buy winter tyres for my cars, and My new Arona will be NO Exception. full set of Winters. (After living in Germany for 11 years, I value winter tyres).
Sorry I digressed... lol :)
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