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Post by LE2468 » Sat Jan 12, 2019 10:04 pm

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    Re: Change of spec, AGAIN

    Post by Tdoe94 » Sat Jan 12, 2019 10:58 pm

    Was disappointed to find out also that the heated seats were removed. Why wouldn’t you put them on the top model....

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    Re: Change of spec, AGAIN

    Post by stottycabanas » Sun Jan 13, 2019 12:40 am

    LE2468 wrote:
    Sat Jan 12, 2019 10:04 pm
    I’ve ordered my Mystic Magenta Xcellence Lux Week 4 of Nov. ...... The heated seats and beats audio were big selling points to me, but have been removed in the spec change of December 2018.
    LE2468, the heated seats were removed from the Lux spec in August and the Beats Audio was removed sometime between May and July. I'm not sure when these features were actually removed from the cars being built.

    I don't have a copy of the November spec (which should have been the basis for your order), but both features were certainly already absent from the August V3 spec onwards (link here ... 018-v3.pdf).

    If your dealer had suggested they would be present on a Lux ordered in November, you may want to have a follow-up conversation with them.
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